is a video only website.  It currently includes approximately 400 sissy training videos.   My plan is to add between 50-100 new videos to the website weekly.  All of the videos are embedded from  I have owned  this domain for several years and it is the website of mine that gets the most traffic.   Each video includes a link to and if you elect to watch a video in full screen mode, you will be taken to to  view it full screen.  I hope you will support my endeavors by choosing to remain on as you watch these videos. However, as I prefer full-screening, I fully understand why many of you will leave the website as you are watching these videos.



You can visit my YouTube Channel here — The Prime Time Sissy.  As I write this post, I have about 2200 subscribers and I am approaching 1,000,000 total views.  (If you are reading this post-August, 2020, I have achieved that landmark  — based on current trends).  My channel is a channel for sissies and crossdressers.  I have several tribute-style videos on the channels.  However, most of my channel are videos that tell my life story.  As you may have already seen, I have several website — currently twenty.   Each one serves a different purpose and for the most part they all carry both family-friendly and adult content.  Most of the videos that you will find on my website are hosted on YouTube.  I do this it to reduce the demand on my own servers  and to reach a larger audience for my videos.



You can view by Only Fans page here — My Only Fans Page.  I will be using this website to share my adult videos.    When I say ‘share,’ this is directed at those who choose subscribe to my page.  For those who choose not to subscribe and support my endeavors with a monthly donation, these videos will be available on a pay-per-view basis.  My OnlyFans pages is a revenue-producing website.  If you have no interest in supporting my endeavor financially there is no real reason for you to visit this page.   You may be better off visiting My Anal Training.  My Anal will offer much of the same content.  However on this website I will provide shorter clips and the videos will be available to buy.  Now as I get deeper into my training, OnlyFans will provide viewers with more ways to interact with me.  And I will be devoting more of my time to this page.  Those who are most interested  in following my training would be well served to subscribe to that page.


I am a 67 year old transgender woman. I   I used the term transgender woman not as self-identification but in the legal sense of the word.   Four years ago I legally changed my name and my gender with the  state of Washington.  By every legal definition I am a woman as a  Washington citizen.   I am also a woman according to the Social Security Administration,  the IRS,  the US Census and any at all other federal agencies .  I went through this process at a time when I truly felt myself to be  transgender.   I did not change my name or my gender with the intent to deceive nor to misrepresent myself.   However as a transgender woman I have come to a better understanding  of myself.   For fifty  years of my life,  I have been telling myself the lie that my life would be so much better if I were only able to live it as a woman.   Now that I’m living life as a woman,  I feel that is not enough.    My desire  to be a woman has always been and has always will be for a singular purpose.   I live to serve men. I now find myself approaching the later years of my life.   I have spent that life pursuing the wrong  dream.   While I may be too old to want what I want I still want what I want. And I want to serve men.  For   these reasons  I now identify as  a sissy.  A sissy lives to serve men.  And  as a sissy  there are many ways that I can serve men. However as one eager for the surgery that would provide her with a pussy,  I still yearn do you have a pussy to serve the needs  of men.   Everything I do online I do deserve men.  To be   more specific everything I do online is   motivated by my desire to offer men a pussy to fuck.

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